Tau Kappa Omega is the first Asian-interest fraternity established in Oklahoma.

Photos by John Bao Nguyen [Fall '17]


Since 2001, Tau Kappa Omega has been promoting among men of diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds through philanthropy, scholarship, and leadership. Tau Kappa Omega emphasizes the learning and application of Eastern philosophies and their interrelation to the Western world.

As a special interest fraternity, Tau Kappa Omega is not only for Asian-Americans. It is an organization for anyone with an interest in the history, philosophy, and culture of Asia seeking to learn personal leadership skills and form lifelong relationships. The fraternity seeks to help individuals realize their potential as contributing members of society by first understanding themselves. As the first Asian-American fraternity in the state of Oklahoma, Tau Kappa Omega has united over ten generations of brothers to find their role in a growing community. 

The core philosophy of the fraternity is based upon the ritualistic Japanese art of drumming known as Taiko. In essence, it is the harmony of many drums to make one powerful, fluid sound. Just as each drum in a Taiko performance has its role, each Brother is a drum with his own contribution. Through a foundation of nine elemental principles (Respect, Love, Honor, Perseverance, Charity, Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Harmony), each brother comes together to form one sound and one Brotherhood: 





UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA, 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK 73019


Respect, Love, Honor, Perseverance, Charity, Wisdom, Faith, Knowledge, Harmony


The Sunflower Mission




Current active members of the brotherhood



As the first Asian Interest fraternity established on the University of Oklahoma, members of Tau Kappa Omega are granted unique opportunities during both their college and future career endeavors. It has become a professionally structured and highly regarded networking channel. Productive young leaders and entrepreneurs of this generation are groomed from the fraternity’s programs, cultivating a perpetually strong alumni base. As the fraternity continues to grow, it has made a commitment to maintain its integrity and standards that have come to be recognized worldwide. Tau Kappa Omega is committed to achieving the following goals when looking to expand: promote academic achievement, increase Asian awareness, encourage social interaction, provide philanthropic aid to the community, and perpetuate brotherhood.

Tau Kappa Omega has a proud tradition of excellence built upon the pillars of brotherhood, service, academics, leadership, and cultural awareness. Prospective founders have the opportunity to not only practice the principles of Tau Kappa Omega, but also to continuously mold and shape a potential chapter into the most distinctive and distinguished organization in its surrounding community. The legacy that is created will make an impact on future brothers long after graduation. If you are serious about bringing Tau Kappa Omega to your campus, please fill out our online expansion form.



Join the Brotherhood

Every academic semester, Greek organizations host events known as Rush events during the first two weeks in which prospective members may come and meet current members and learn more about their organization. Tau Kappa Omega's rush week schedule is shown below.




Prospective members may receive membership information at these rush events, including a membership form. Click the button below if you'd like to download the form directly.


For more information, please contact our rush chair for the Fall 2018 semester: Tyler Nguyen (Fall '17)